SH Rakennus Oy ( SH Construction Ltd ) has been operating in the region of Southwest Finland a reputable full-service construction company, which works reliably all the construction work by agreement more than 15 years of experience. SH Rakennus Oy was founded in 2006, when business started. Special expertise is in new construction, but also in all types of renovation, conversion and extension works in design. Our business covers all new constructions to the smaller apartment renovations. We implement our customers projects from the planning and building permit application up to when the project is finished.

We are expanding our business by opening an interesting new tourist attraction Ruukin Sauna. The property is being renovated to its original purpose as a sauna. Location next to the harbor and in the middle of a verdant park Ruukin Sauna attracts customers to drop by for a cup of coffee. For tourists, boaters, summer residents are provided quality food products characterized by the area, interior decoration and handicraft products, however, the emphasis on bathing services. And this is because of special slag brick building which during the history of the time has been a property of business to generate a sauna facilities for visitors.