Ruukin Sauna

The historic port area of ​​Dalsbruk blast furnace, the idyllic market square and the old buildings are attractive destinations in the summer. Ruukin Sauna is centrally located in the heart of park beside the harbor at Taalintehdas. Same building has been used as a sauna beginning of last century by ironworks officials and ironworks factory visitors. Now this old sauna has been renovated appreciating the old and to serve the tourists and boaters in the summer season, as well as sauna customers by order throughout the
year. Historic sauna is available for customers by booking sauna by E-mail or by phone. Ruukin Sauna is suitable for everyone; from small families to larger groups. After taking a sauna is nice to cool off at the outdoor area which is intended especially for the bathers. You could have pre-ordered refreshments. In summertime buffet breakfast is served every morning at facilitating the everyday life of travelers. How wonderfully easy it is to go and have an existing breakfast table. Enjoy quality fresh breakfast mixed with some local products. After a good start for the day, it´s easy to jump into new adventurous summer day! Perhaps you need to grap some local pastries and fresh bread to cover distance refraction. Our Café product range includes salty and sweet pastries and ice cream. For example we serve high-quality Italian ice cream. For those who consider light lunch we recommend salty pie and on market days Wednesday and Saturday we serve light lunch. Please note that it´s possible to visit the Mini-Museum upstairs, which we have compiled a history of the property´s stories. At the same time, you can take a look at our shop. Our product range includes interior decoration products among other things.


If you want to book the sauna for the whole evening during the summer season, please contact two (2) weeks in advance.

Ruukin Sauna Café offers tasty buffet breakfast during the summer season 1st of July - 4 th of August every morning 9AM - 11AM. Spend a lazy morning enjouing our breakfast. Treat yourself and gather energy for the day's adventures. Breakfast includes fresh local bread, decent coffee, fresh fruits and sweet and savory delicacies.
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